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Areas of Criminal Law Practices

Over the past 26+ years, I have developed a great breadth of experience representing people accused of wide variety of crimes. These crimes range from complex white collar crimes involving complicated Federal regulations to relatively simple State misdemeanor domestic violence charges. I have defended people against these charges at all phases of a case: investigation, trial, appeal, and post-conviction. This experience includes the development and presentation of a wide variety of different defenses, including: self-defense, defense of others, reliance on counsel or other professional, “good faith,” alibi, entrapment (including “sentencing entrapment”), impossibility, insanity, mental or physical impairment and more.

I believe that the breadth of my criminal experience is a great asset to my clients, regardless of the charge(s) against them. I can draw from a great variety of experience to determine how best to conduct a factual investigation, develop your legal defense, and present your case in the best way possible.

The crimes listed to the right are just some of the areas of criminal law practice in which I have represented many defendants.

About Our Services

Scott Engelhard has over 26 years of experience handling criminal cases in Federal Court and State Court. He has handled dozens of complex cases, and hundreds of smaller cases, at both trial and on appeal. If you or a loved one are under investigation for or charged with a crime, contact us for a free […]

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Legal Resources

As a graduate of UCLA School of Law and having argued many cases before the Washington Supreme Court as well as the Federal Ninth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal, I will share with you the law applicable to your case and help you reach the best result possible in your case. Contact us with […]

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