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Mail Fraud Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard Interviewer: What is Mail Fraud? Scott Engelhard: Mail fraud is a general type of federal fraud crime that involves some usage of the United States Postal Service. Mail fraud does not require any effort to defraud the Postal Service. Rather, mail fraud occurs whether the scheme somehow involves the […]

Wire Fraud Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard Interviewer: What is Wire Fraud? Scott Engelhard: Wire fraud is a generic Federal fraud statute. Wire fraud involves any type of fraud that involves electronic communications by means of “interstate or foreign commerce.” The term “interstate or foreign commerce” is so broadly defined it applies to virtually every instance […]

Credit Card Fraud Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard Interviewer: What is Involved in a Credit Card Fraud Case? Scott Engelhard: Credit card fraud can either be a form of bank fraud much like check kiting, or it can be a type of identity theft. Sometimes it involves both, and it can be charged as wire fraud or […]

Bank Fraud Attorney Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard Interviewer: What is Bank Fraud? Scott Engelhard: Bank fraud means any scheme or plan against a bank or other “financial institution” to obtain money, credit, security, asset or other property by means of a false statement, false promise or misrepresentation. Bank fraud can be as simple as check kiting […]

Money Laundering Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard Interviewer: What is money laundering? Scott Engelhard: Money laundering has basically two elements. First, it involves money that constitutes the “proceeds” of unlawful activity; whether it be from illegal drug sale, fraud, theft or embezzlement, or other property crimes. The second part of money laundering is what happens with […]

Securities Fraud Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard Interviewer: What is securities fraud? Scott Engelhard: A security is any kind of tradable asset; or any interest or right to something else. In other words, it doesn’t have to be a stock or bond that is publically traded. Trading of a “security” can be as simple as selling […]

Criminal Appeals Lawyer Washington

Scott Engelhard has over 26 years of handling criminal appeals in both State Court and Federal Court. I have handled both over a hundred direct appeals (directly following conviction) and post-conviction appeals – often known as Habeas Corpus Petitions (Federal Court) and Personal Restraint Petitions (State Court). I have argued numerous cases before Washington Supreme […]

RICO Lawyer

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Sentencing Lawyer Washington

Sentencing Lawyer It is one thing to say that “bad things happen to good people,” but it is another thing to prove it in Court. At any sentencing, it is critically important to have your attorney prove that you are a good person who made a mistake under circumstances that warrant leniency. This task at […]

White Collar Crime Lawyer Seattle

White Collar Crimes include a wide variety of offenses related to business organizations, government or professional activities. They include tax crimes, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement and an ever-increasing array of regulatory violations. I have represented clients accused of Washington white collar crimes for over 26 years. I have represented large companies accused of regulatory […]

About Our Services

Scott Engelhard has over 26 years of experience handling criminal cases in Federal Court and State Court. He has handled dozens of complex cases, and hundreds of smaller cases, at both trial and on appeal. If you or a loved one are under investigation for or charged with a crime, contact us for a free […]

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Legal Resources

As a graduate of UCLA School of Law and having argued many cases before the Washington Supreme Court as well as the Federal Ninth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal, I will share with you the law applicable to your case and help you reach the best result possible in your case. Contact us with […]

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