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Credit Card Fraud Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard

Interviewer: What is Involved in a Credit Card Fraud Case?

Scott Engelhard: Credit card fraud can either be a form of bank fraud much like check kiting, or it can be a type of identity theft. Sometimes it involves both, and it can be charged as wire fraud or mail fraud. It is critical to have a lawyer on your side who has a great deal of experience in all forms of fraud in order to get the best result possible in a credit card fraud case.

Interviewer: Do I need an Attorney for a Credit Card Fraud Case?

Scott Engelhard: You need a lawyer as soon as you know there is a criminal investigation against you. You have important rights that need to be protected. Also, it is extremely important in these cases to gather evidence as quickly as possible because many times it is very difficult for clients to go back to get credit card statements, receipts of transactions and other pertinent documents (emails, etc.), as well as to find witnesses who remember transactions and support the defense. I try to get involved early in these cases in order to protect my client’s rights, develop a full understanding of the facts, and get the best result possible for my client.

Interviewer: Why Choose Us?

Scott Engelhard: I have tried dozens of fraud cases and can put together the documents and witnesses to present the best defense possible in these cases. Also, I know that many good people have made mistakes and have had lapses in judgment in their lives, and to tell l am skilled at developing and telling my client’s story in the most empathetic way to get the best results possible – whether it be in negotiation with the prosecutor or arguing the case to a judge or jury.

Interviewer: What should I know about the Legal Process Involved in Credit Card Fraud Cases?

Scott Engelhard: What most people don’t know about the credit card fraud cases is that the government has a lot of discretion as far as what charges are brought, and in what court. For example, sometimes these cases can start off as felonies, but through aggressive, determined lawyering be reduced to misdemeanors. So, it is critically important to get involved in the case early on and present the best defense possible to influence the charging decisions of the prosecutor and in influencing what resolution offers are made.

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