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Criminal Tax Law Seattle

Seattle Criminal Tax Lawyer

The key to success in Federal Criminal Tax cases is to combine the skills of a great Federal Criminal Attorney with a civil tax law specialist. Many people under investigation or charged with tax crimes hire a tax law specialist who claims to have trial experience, and they end up being sorely disappointed in the result. Don’t make that mistake; hire the Criminal Tax Law Firm of Scott Engelhard.
I am an accomplished trial attorney who has tried one of the largest tax fraud cases in U.S. history, and in another recent off-shore investment case involving millions of dollars convinced the Department of Justice to decline prosecution. I have handled criminal tax cases around the country, including Alaska, Washington, North Carolina and South Carolina. He associates closely with civil tax law specialists to provide clients the best defense possible.
In tough economic times such as these, the IRS always ratchets up their criminal tax enforcement. And particularly with the recent UBS Swiss Bank disclosures of identities of offshore investment accounts, there will certainly be more focus than ever on criminal tax evasion. If you or a loved one is under investigation, you need to hire a Federal Criminal Tax Lawyer as soon as possible.

Criminal Tax Lawyer Washington

Scott Engelhard is experienced in handling the following criminal tax matters:

  • Income tax evasion
  • Allegations of fraudulent deductions
  • Illegal tax structuring and improper Treasury reports
  • Failure to report substantial amounts of income
  • Failure to file a return for one or more years

Additionally, the government will also investigate and/or charge additional crimes related to a criminal tax crime – such as securities fraud, embezzlement, wire fraud, and money laundering. I have the breadth of federal criminal experience to defend you against all of these allegations, and at the same time the depth of experience in criminal tax matters to provide you the best defense possible to those charges. I will help aggressively defend you and your rights.  Call today for a confidential consultation.

The Law Office of Scott Engelhard serves clients in Criminal Tax cases in Federal Courts throughout the United States, including Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and California.

Q & A With Scott Engelhard

Interviewer: What is tax fraud?

Scott Engelhard: Tax fraud is the evasion of payment of taxes by misrepresentation or dishonesty. It can be on an individual tax return, corporate tax return or the return of a trust. Knowingly false information, including the mischaracterization of transactions or the misstatement of the amounts involved in a transaction can result in tax fraud charges.

Interviewer: Why do I need an attorney for a tax fraud charge?

Scott Engelhard: I have handled many tax fraud cases, and it has been my experience that hiring an attorney as soon as possible is critical to avoiding tax fraud charges, or getting the best resolution of filed tax fraud charges. First of all, it is extremely important to hire a lawyer early on in order to get a full understanding of the intricacies of the rules and regulations that are involved in the alleged misrepresentation. Additionally, it is often critical to get a full analysis of the nature and extent of my client’s knowledge of those rules. And finally it is most important to fully understand the factual circumstances related to the allegedly false statements, including the reliance on the advice of others in preparing tax documents. I synthesize all of this information to fight against tax fraud charges, and I have often been successful in helping clients avoid charges.

Interviewer: Why choose us?

Scott Engelhard: I think it is very important to choose a lawyer who not only has tax expertise, but also has a great deal of criminal trial experience. Oftentimes, people hire attorneys who are tax experts but are not particularly skilled or experienced criminal trial lawyers. Those lawyers may well understand the intricacies of the rules and regulations involved in the tax law, but they lack the advocacy and trial skills that are critical to achieving the best result possible. Most often it is my client’s understanding or lack of understanding of the tax laws and the circumstances surrounding the allegedly false statement, including the reliance on the advice of others, that are the most important parts of the defense; and those parts of the defense must be skillfully presented by an experienced criminal trial attorney in order to get the best result possible. In most tax fraud cases, I hire a tax expert for advice and for possible testimony; and in particularly complicated tax fraud trials have had as co-counsel an attorney who specializes in tax matters, rather than criminal defense.

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