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Money Laundering Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard

Interviewer: What is money laundering?

Scott Engelhard: Money laundering has basically two elements. First, it involves money that constitutes the “proceeds” of unlawful activity; whether it be from illegal drug sale, fraud, theft or embezzlement, or other property crimes. The second part of money laundering is what happens with that money: that is, the government must prove that the money was used or transferred in a way that was designed to promote the unlawful activity, to conceal the nature or location of that money, or to avoid some regulatory reporting requirements. Because this crime is defined very broadly, money laundering is often charged along with the underlying crime. For example, money laundering is often charged in the same indictment with drug crimes as well as for various property crimes.

Interviewer: Why do I need an attorney for money laundering?

Scott Engelhard: Money laundering is a very serious felony offense that can often result in jail or prison time; and will often result in a longer term of imprisonment than just a conviction for the underlying crime. For example, the federal sentencing guidelines call for a longer sentence for someone convicted of drug dealing and money laundering that for someone only convicted of drug dealing. However, even though the elements of money laundering are fairly simple, it is often a difficult crime to prove, and I have often had success in getting this charge dismissed. Also, the government is required to establish the amount of money that was allegedly “laundered.” It is very important to have a lawyer that will aggressively fight this issue as well.

Interviewer: Why choose us?

Scott Engelhard: Oftentimes, money laundering cases are factually complex and involve lots of documents. I have had over two dozen years of experience handling complex cases of this type and have represented dozens of people charged money laundering charges for my career. I have had a great deal of success in avoiding having charges being filed against my clients, or in having charges dismissed prior to trial. I have also won jury trials involving these charges. In fact, I have had success winning trails against these charges, even when that person was convicted of the underlying unlawful activity. Finally, I have also had success in greatly reducing the amount of money that the judge or jury found was involved in the laundering that occurred and, therefore, achieved the best result possible for my client.

Interviewer: What do you find most rewarding in handling money laundering cases?

Scott Engelhard: It is very challenging to defend against money laundering charges and the consequences of conviction are often severe. Consequently, it is very rewarding to aggressively defend my client against these charges and, whether through trial or negotiation, get the best result possible.

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