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Securities Fraud Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard

Interviewer: What is securities fraud?

Scott Engelhard: A security is any kind of tradable asset; or any interest or right to something else. In other words, it doesn’t have to be a stock or bond that is publically traded. Trading of a “security” can be as simple as selling part ownership in some personal property (like jewelry or an antique) with the right to a percentage of the profit after that property is sold. The “fraud” part of securities fraud refers to any false statement or material misrepresentation made during the trade or sale of that asset. For example, the misrepresentation of the value of the asset or the likely resale price can constitute securities fraud. Thus, the crime of securities fraud is much broader than most people realize.

Interviewer: Why do I need an attorney for securities fraud?

Scott Engelhard: It’s critical to get a lawyer in securities fraud cases and to hire a lawyer as soon as possible in order to fully assess the case and develop the best strategy possible, whether it be for negotiation or for trial. It is particularly important to have an experienced attorney assess the nature and the extent of the representations are that are alleged to be fraudulent, who made them, when they made them, as well as the basis of that person’s knowledge. These cases are often very complex, both legally and factually, and therefore it is extremely important to hire an attorney who has particular experience in complex criminal fraud cases. An active, aggressive investigation of alleged securities fraud is critical for preserving evidence, to locating and interviewing witnesses to tie them down before they are influenced by the government investigation. Then, it is important to gather up all of the available information, analyze it fully, and develop a winning litigation strategy.

Interviewer: Why choose us?

Scott Engelhard: I have handled dozens of securities fraud cases during my career. That includes grand jury investigations of possible securities fraud, as well as defending against criminal charges of securities fraud. These cases are often factually complex and involve many documents; and I have had decades of experience handling complex, document-intensive cases of this nature. I am very skilled at developing legal and factual defenses to these charges to achieve the best result possible. Oftentimes, I have been successful in convincing prosecutors not to file securities fraud charges. I have also had great success in achieving pretrial resolutions to lesser charges. Finally, I tried numerous cases involving money laundering charges; including one eight-week multi-defendant jury trial on securities fraud in federal court.

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Scott Engelhard has over 26 years of experience handling criminal cases in Federal Court and State Court. He has handled dozens of complex cases, and hundreds of smaller cases, at both trial and on appeal. If you or a loved one are under investigation for or charged with a crime, contact us for a free […]

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