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About Our Services

Scott Engelhard has over 26 years of experience handling criminal cases in Federal Court and State Court. He has handled dozens of complex cases, and hundreds of smaller cases, at both trial and on appeal. If you or a loved one are under investigation for or charged with a crime, contact us for a free […]

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As a graduate of UCLA School of Law and having argued many cases before the Washington Supreme Court as well as the Federal Ninth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal, I will share with you the law applicable to your case and help you reach the best result possible in your case. Contact us with […]

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The minute you learn of a criminal investigation or criminal charge, it is critical that you put your life in the hands of a skilled and experienced Seattle criminal attorney who has successfully defended many criminal cases.

Criminal Lawyer

Scott Engelhard is a criminal defense attorney in Seattle, Washington. With over 26 years of experience, criminal defense law I’ve handled hundreds of Washington Criminal Law cases, as well as cases in many other states and have won impressive victories for my clients. In many instances, I’ve convinced the prosecutors not to file charges at all or to dismiss charges that have been filed. I’ve tried dozens of jury trials and had many great outcomes for my clients, and I’ve also reached very favorable pre-trial settlements in other cases. And finally, I have represented many clients in both Federal Court and State Court on appeal and post-conviction (habeas corpus) cases.

Whether it be a Washington Felony Criminal CaseMisdemeanor Seattle Criminal Defense Case, or a Federal Criminal Case you need to have an attorney protecting you who is:

  • knowledgable in all related aspects of Criminal Law,
  • creative in how to apply that law to your case;
  • a skilled advocate in Court,
  • absolutely determined to push hard to protect your rights, and
  • tenacious and refuses to give up trying to help you.

If you are under investigation for, charged with, or been convicted of a crime, then you a skilled Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney. Please call the Law Firm of Scott Engelhard today at 206-683-2020. This is probably one of the most important decisions you may ever make, and you only have one chance to make the right one! Don’t take chances with your life or with your freedom by hiring a lawyer without proven experience and determination.

Remember, the police, prosecutors and government agents are highly trained and skilled to investigate crimes & gather evidence – and they often assume the worst about you! Against such forces you need someone to defend you and your constitutional rights, This includes your right to remain silent, and the right to have an attorney present during questioning. In almost every instance, it is a good idea NOT to answer questions by the police at least until you take advantage of your right to speak with an attorney.

I’m not advocating being uncooperative with the police, far from it. Being cooperative with law enforcement can often help your case, but it needs to be in a controlled setting and only after you have access to legal advice from a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. That is where I come in. Call the Law Firm of Scott Engelhard today at 206-683-2020. Don’t take chances with your freedom.

The Law Office of Scott Engelhard serves clients in Seattle, Washington, and throughout the greater Seattle-Eastside Metro area, including Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish, Tacoma, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Puget Sound, SeaTac, Federal Way, Puyallup, Everett, Lynnwood, Bothell, Marysville, Tukwila, Burien, Mt. Vernon, King County, Pierce County, Snohomish County, and Skagit Counties.

Q & A With Scott Engelhard

Interviewer: Why Choose Us?

Scott Engelhard: I have been practicing law for over thirty years, devoted almost entirely to criminal defense representation and related matters. I have done dozens of jury trials in my career, and also handled many appeals in both Federal Court and before the Washington Supreme Court. I care about my clients and work very hard to tell their story and to get the best result possible for them. So, I bring all of that experience and skill together with my empathy for my clients and unwavering determination to make sure that my client’s rights are upheld and that his/her story is told.

Interviewer: What kinds of Criminal Law cases have you handled?

Scott Engelhard: I represented hundreds of clients under Federal or State criminal investigation, including Grand Jury investigation. I have done dozens of jury trials, both in Federal Court and State Court in Washington. And I have handled dozens of appeals in both Federal Court and State Court, including the Washington Supreme Court. I have represented a very broad range of clients, including some corporations and corporate executives in extremely complex federal investigations. And I have represented individuals charged with simple assault and other domestic violence charges. I also have handled hundreds of cases involved theft and fraud. And I have handled hundreds of cases involving drug charges. In my thirty years of practice, gone to jury trial in dozens and dozens of cases, and in many cases received “not guilty” verdicts for my client. I have represented many clients on habeas corpus cases, including death penalty litigation. So, I feel that I bring a lot of experience to the table for each one of my clients as well as my determination to get the best outcome possible.

Interviewer: When do I Need an Attorney for a Criminal Case?

Scott Engelhard: Generally, people need an attorney much sooner than they think. For example, if you are under criminal investigation, you should consult with an attorney before talking to police or other law enforcement. Your lawyer can help you weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of talking to law enforcement. It is also extremely important to gather and preserve critical evidence as soon as possible to make sure it’s not lost. And contacting witnesses as soon as possible is often essential to getting the best result possible. With this type of early involvement in a case, I have had great success in contacting police, prosecutors and/or other law enforcement, stopping or re-directing their investigation, or greatly reducing the charges that are eventually filed. For all of these reasons, hire a lawyer as soon as you know that you are under criminal investigation. Hiring a lawyer immediately will protect your rights and help you get the best result possible.

Interviewer: What can you tell me about the Legal Process in a Criminal Case that I might Not Know?

Scott Engelhard: In addition to the laws protecting against illegal searches and seizures, there are many other constitutional and statutory protections against improper law enforcement investigation tactics. Documenting these tactics during the investigation, and raising those issues with the prosecutor can often result in dismissal of charges or a very favorable settlement of the case.  Additionally, even if certain law enforcement tactics are not illegal per se, documenting those tactics can be extremely valuable at trial in undermining the prosecution’s case.

Interviewer: What Personal Attention do you Give to your Clients?

Scott Engelhard: It’s been my experience with criminal defense that my clients very much need a champion, both inside the courtroom and against law enforcement investigations. So often, everyone else in the system is against the criminally accused, and they need someone who will uphold their rights and who will fight for their dignity. That effort begins with listening closely to my client, fully understanding the circumstances that brought them to this point, and working closely with them in order to tell their story and get the best result possible.

About Scott Engelhard

Scott Engelhard’s career has been dedicated to creative, hard working and determined criminal defense. And Scott brings those same qualities to the rest of his life. In addition to raising a family, Scott is a competitive rower and he participates in rowing competitions from British Columbia to San Diego.


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