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Wire Fraud Lawyer Seattle

Q & A With Scott Engelhard

Interviewer: What is Wire Fraud?

Scott Engelhard: Wire fraud is a generic Federal fraud statute. Wire fraud involves any type of fraud that involves electronic communications by means of “interstate or foreign commerce.” The term “interstate or foreign commerce” is so broadly defined it applies to virtually every instance of electronic communication. And the term “fraud” is also broadly defined to include any scheme that involves false statements, false promises and/or misrepresentations of fact in order to obtain money, credit, security, asset or other property. However, the prosecutor is required to prove that the statements, promises, or misrepresentations knowingly made and were “material” to the transaction. In many instances, Prosecutors can and do charge “wire fraud” in addition to bank fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud or other specific types of fraud. I have handled dozens of wire fraud cases in my career. I am aggressive in handling these cases and fight with determination to get the best result possible for my client.

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Scott Engelhard has over 26 years of experience handling criminal cases in Federal Court and State Court. He has handled dozens of complex cases, and hundreds of smaller cases, at both trial and on appeal. If you or a loved one are under investigation for or charged with a crime, contact us for a free […]

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As a graduate of UCLA School of Law and having argued many cases before the Washington Supreme Court as well as the Federal Ninth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal, I will share with you the law applicable to your case and help you reach the best result possible in your case. Contact us with […]

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